Dear Ms. Dennis,


I received your email about the gas contamination that happened a month ago in which you tell me to be patient for another month.  I also note that you described it as “fuel with water”.


Please email me the company name, individual contact name, address, phone number and email address for:


the distributor (which Mr. Morris says is Combined Oil)


the station owner (which you told me is “Sonny”)


and the insurance company.


While I appreciate this second email from you, I note that none of the three entities listed above has contacted me at any time in the four weeks just passed in spite of my great efforts to make myself known to them.


Also please email to me the documentation for your assertion that the nature of the contamination was “fuel with water”.  If you have a chemical analysis, please send that immediately.  Water contamination is inconsistent with facts known to me.


I understand that Marathon Petroleum claims that it is not primarily responsible, but your name is on the sign in front of the station that sold me bad gas and has stonewalled me ever since.  Thank you for your attention to these four matters.



-Don Russ